Philippine Standard Time
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Name of Volcano   MARIVELES
Classification  Potentially Active
Lat  (deg-min) 14°31'
Long  (deg-min) 120°28'
ProvinceProvince  Bataan
Region  III
Nearby Cities/Towns  Mariveles, Limay, Orion, Bagac
Topo Sheets  3065 I-II, 3163 III




Elevation (km) 1.388
Base Diameter (km)  22
Type of Volcano  Stratovolcano
Hotsprings  Tiis Spring, Saysain Spring and Pucot Spring
Adjacent Volcanic Edifice  Mt. Pantingan, Mt. Bataan, Mt. Tarac and Mt. Vintana



Rock  Type Biotite hornblende andesite to dacite flows and dacitic tuffs
SiO2 Range  50.03 - 58.65
K2O Range  0.95 - 1.69
Tectonic Setting  Western Bataan Lineament
Age of Deposits  4.10+0.30 --1.08+0.20 Ma