Philippine Standard Time
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Name of Volcano ISAROG
Classification Potentially Active
Latitude (deg-min) 13°39'
Longitude (deg-min) 123°24'
Province Camarines Sur
Region V
Nearby Cities/Towns

Tigaon, Tinangis, Mayangayanga, Sta. Cruz, Goa,

Simra, Laon, Turat, Pinaglabanan, Abucayan,

Tagongtong, Buyo

Topo Sheets 3660 I, 3661 II, 3660 IV




Elevation (km) 1.966
Base Diameter (km) 32.5
Type of Volcano Stratovolcano

Solfataric area is confined within the Maalsom vent

which is characterized by gas seepages, warm springs

and steaming vents. Spring temperature ranges from

30-55°C while steaming vents have temperature of 80°C.




Rock Type hypersthene-augite andesite
SiO2 Range 54.36
K2O Range 1.43
Tectonic Setting Bicol Volcanic Chain