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NAME OF VOLCANO:                                       PINATUBO

LOCATION:                                                         Boundaries of Pampanga, Tarlac and Zambales
                                                                             (15°08.4’ N, 120°21’ E)


Elevation: 1.445 km (height before eruption was 1.745 km)
Base Diameter: 40 km
Type of Volcano: Compound
Caldera Lake: Pinatubo Crater Lake (2 km in diameter and depth of 600 to 800 meters)
Adjacent Volcanic Edifice: Quadrado, Malasimbo, Balakibok, Negron


Rock Type: Dacite with andesitic xenoliths, inclusions
Tectonic Setting: Western Bataan Lineament
Age of Deposits: 1.10+0.09 Ma; 635+80 B.P; 1991;1992


Number of Historical Eruptions: 2
Eruption dates:
          1991 June 9 to Sept. 4 - Plinian, calderagenic
          1992 July 9 to Aug. 16 - Dome building, phreatic
Eruption Type:
          1. Plinian (e.g. 1991 eruption)
          2. Dome formation (e.g. 1992 eruption)
          3. Phreatic (e.g. 1992 eruption)
Precursors to Eruptions:
          1. increase in sulfur dioxide flux
          2. increase in seismic activity
          3. Increase steaming activity


Type of Hazards: pyroclastic flows, airfall tephra and ashfall, lahars, secondary explosions,
                               secondary pyroclastic flows
Permanent Danger Zone: ten (10) km radius from the summit
Other Buffer Zones: 20-40 km radius (Alert Level 5)


Volcano Observatory: Pinatubo Volcano Observatory, Clark Air Base (PVO-CAB) - located at
                                        120°31.69’E, 15°11. 18’N
Monitoring Methods: Seismic and visual observations, sulfur dioxide flux measurement
Monitoring Stations:
          PIN (PVO-CAB) Receiving & Central Recording Station)
          VPCZ Remote Seismic Station
          CRAT R Repeater Site
          VPOD (Odonnel) Repeater Site
         MAPAGLA R (Upper Tarukan) Repeater Site
         VPP2 Remote Seismic Station & Repeater Site
         MIDWAY R Repeater Site
         DELTA 5 R Repeater Site
         BOCOY R (Upper Mactan) Repeater Site
         PDMZ (Mt. Cutuno) Remote Seismic Station