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NAME OF VOLCANO:                           MATUTUM
LOCATION:                                             Cotabato, 15 km north of Polomolok, South Cotabato and around                                                                                                                             30 km north-northwest of General Santos City (6°22'N, 125°06.5'E)


Elevation: 2.286 km
Base Diameter: 25 km
Type of Volcano: Stratovolcano
Hotsprings: Akmoan and Linan springs (5.7 aerial km WSW of Matutum)
Adjacent Volcanic Edifice: Landayao, Tampad and Albulhek (west of Matutum), Magolo (north of Matutum)


Rock Type: Andesite
Tectonic Setting: Cotabato Arc
Age of Deposits: 665+40 (Trimble/Martines, 1995, unpub. data) 2120+ 80, 2350+60 ybp (Rubin/Sabit, 1994, unpub. data)


Number of Historical Eruptions: 1
Date: 07 March 1911
Eruption Type: Phreatic (?)


1992 - Short-term monitoring was conducted at Matutum Volcano from 04-20 November 1992. Results                                                                      of the survey showed that the volcano was seismically quiet.
2004 – Establishment of Matutum-Parker Seismic Network that would monitor both volcanoes


Monitoring Stations:

Central Station: General Santos Seismic & Volcano Station, MSU, Tambler
Observation Stations:
· Alnamang, Polomoloc, South Cotabato (Matutum)
· Bagong Silang, Gen. Santos (Parker)
Repeater stations:
· Upper Klinan, South Cotabato (Matutum)
· Silway, Gen. Santos City (Matutum)
· San Jose, Gen. Santos City (Parker)