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PHIVOLCS provides group tours (e.g students, teachers, government employees) for film showing and exhibit viewing. Film showing may be any of the following: volcanoes, earthquake or tsunami. Technical personnel are available to answer questions after video viewing or during exhibit viewing. Lectures for specific topics can be arranged upon request subject to the availability of resource speaker.

 Contact Person(s)

 Documents Required


 Processing Time


Ms. Eumella Belo, Ms. Melissa Mae Tamayo, GDAPD
Trunk line (+63-2) 426-1468 to 79, local 128
Fax/Tel. (+63-2) 927-4524
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Letter of Request.


Address all letters to DR. RENATO U. SOLIDUM, JR.
PHIVOLCS Director.


All letters must be signed over printed name and contain the complete address and contact landline number of the requester.


The letter must also indicate the name of school, organization or office and number of participants.
Total numer of participants (including parents, faculty and staff) per package must not exceed 200.

1. Letter of Request can be faxed, hand-carried, emailed This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or mailed;

2. All booking must be requsted at least one week in advance. We encourage early requests for better facilitation of schedule. Available days for the tour are Tuesday to Friday, between 8am to 11am and between 1pm to 4pm;

3. Acceptance of bookings is on first come first serve basis. PHIVOLCS reserves the right to reshedule or cancel bookings for unexpected events;

4. Requester for the tour must cofirm with PHIVOLCS thier schedule right after sending thier communication especially those sent by fax or mail. PHIVOLCS will confirm if the request can be accommodated on specified date and time. If not, both parties will mutually agree/set date and time. Unconfirmed bookings and last-minute changes especially on the time of reservation will not be entertained;

Three (3) working days

Non-refundable entrance fee of P5.00/person

For those who are coming within Metro Manila or with Manila-based coordinators, it is preferred that payments be made in advance or as soon as the schedule is confirmed.

Actual Tour Day:

1. Upon arrival at PHIVOLCS the tour coordinator must meet with PHIVOLCS Educational tour coordinator for the fees assessment, and pay the assessed fees to PHIVOLCS cashier and present the Official receipt as proof of payment. The tour coordinator must ensure an orderly manner by which the participants are to enter the PHIVOLCS facility.
2. Strict compliance with time reservation is expected. We emphasize that requesters must book/reserve the time that is most realistic for the group upon consideration of travel time (including allowance for traffic, etc.) from the point of origin to PHIVOLCS.
3. Coordinators must remind all the participants on their behavior while in the premises of PHIVOLCS. Vandalism, loitering, shouting, eating and drinking inside the auditorium, and other non-desirable behavior are strictly prohibited.