Philippine Standard Time
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Certification: Volcano current status, others.

Short-term Volcanic Hazards are hazards posed by volcanoes which are showing signs of growing unrest or is erupting. As the volcano’s status is raised from Alert Level 0 to Alert Level 1 or higher, VMEPD regularly issues volcano bulletins or updates.


Contact Person(s):
Receiving Officer (or Scientist-of-the-Day)
VMEPD, 3rd floor

Trunk line (+63-2) 426-1468 to 79, local 127


Document(s) required



To request

1. Submit the required documents to the Duty Officer.
2. Fill out a request form.
3. Pay to Cashier the appropriate fees indicated in the Order of Payment issued by the Receiving Officer.
4. Show the Official Receipt issued by Cashier to the Receiving Officer for

    documentation.This also serves as your claim stub.
5. Call PHIVOLCS after three (3) working days to confirm availability of request.
6. Claim the Certification showing the Official Receipt as proof that the claimant is

    the requesting party or its authorized representative.


Processing Time

Three (3) days



1. Php500.00 for business, government, corporate request and use.

2. Php100.00 for personal and individual use.